To be the world’s most caring recruitment company, connecting the world of work everywhere on the planet, empowering every person’s career, and helping every organization to build exceptional businesses    in the engineering, property, and construction industries.


We believe the world would be a better place if all candidates were matched to their perfect job all the time. We are devoted to providing people the best job search experience so they can find their ideal job.

We believe recruitment is about understanding the value of people. Our highest priority is to build a team of professional and compassionate consultants. We want to build champions, and in order to do that, we have a very clear set of company values:

“Champion the Mission”
Create a warm and considerate job search experience for anyone, anywhere. Those who work for, in, or around TalentQuest agree to champion the mission by living it.

“Be a Career Advocate”

Serve candidates so they feel you are standing by them. We stretch our empathy until our candidates feel 100% appreciated. Every candidate is a paid customer.

“Welcome the Criticism”

Take criticism as the fuel for success. Be true to our staff, candidates, and hiring companies.

“Every Frame Matters”

Think holistically. Execute with obsession to detail. Success is measured by pride, not credit.

“Embrace the Adventure”

We have fun welcoming uncertainty. We master chaos through flexibility and youthful curiosity.

“We’re a Fun Team”

We support and trust each other. We have the backs of the people around us as we work together to achieve great things. We are grateful for our successes and celebrate them.